Market Philosophy

Peter Eliades’ approach to the market is based on the theory that stock prices move as a result of a combination of cyclical forces. The theory contends that the major trends of stocks and stock averages are determined by fundamentals which affect a stock or a stock average smoothly. The trend is sideways, up or down at varying angles, and is subject to change when fundamentals change. These smooth fundamental trends are affected by cycles and the cycles are most important for market timing because they repeat with a good degree of regularity. At any one time there are theoretically scores of cycles acting simultaneously on the market, making analysis a more difficult process than a simple breakdown of mathematical formulas.

You need have no understanding of cycles to take advantage of his periodic reports. Eliades' reports are based on 46 years of market analysis.

Although Eliades uses many orthodox technical indicators, what distinguishes his service from so many other technical services is his original work in technical analysis and his cycle projections. Eliades pioneering work on many technical indicators is recognized by technicians world wide. Eliades gave the Open 10 Trading Index its name. His indicators are usually simple to understand and are often accompanied by explanatory charts.

Since 1972 Eliades has developed these techniques and the results have earned him the reputation of being one of the best market analysts in the world. (see below).