Between 1975 and 2011 Peter Eliades' Stockmarket Cycles newsletters identified some amazing and accurate market tops and bottoms. We are considering making these letters available to the general public in book or ebook form.  If you would be interested in purchasing the entire library of newsletters please send an email to: with "yes - library" as your subject.

​​Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

There are no assurances any recommendations made will not lead to losses.​

 A Successful stock market Analyst with a rare 46 years of experience in the business   



​​​​​​​Stockmarket Cycles publishes a monthly report to offer his latest market projections.

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Between 1975 and until his official newsletter "retirement" Peter Eliades, of Stockmarket Cycles, regularly appeared on various television and radio programs. (KWHY, FNN, CNN, Larry King, Wall Street Week, etc.) In 2018 Mr. Eliades has appeared with Neil Cavuto on several occasions & is considering making occasional video reports available via clips on this web site with a pay-as-you-go subscription like the current monthly reports.  If you would be interested in purchasing occasional video updates send an email to: with "yes - video" as your subject.